tcg managementTCG’s Global Management Practice provides flexible customized solutions for clients in four key areas:

  1. Outsourced Program Management – Corporate Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense Programs
  2. Implementation Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Process Reengineering

TCG’s Global Management Practice Value for Clients:

  • Reduce internal resource capacity burden – staff & infrastructure
  • Allow staff to focus on strategic mission
  • Improve traveler experience
  • Enhance program control
  • Create greater program management efficiency
  • Drive down costs
  • Over 20 years of implementing advanced management standards across 125 countries on six continents.

Outsource Solutions

  • Outsource solutions for corporate travel, meetings, payment and expense programs
    • Complete, functional, or regional outsource solutions
  • Comprehensive supplier management for today’s complex travel environment
  • Single point of contact supported by a team of subject matter experts to fill the coordination and control gap created where multiple agency relationships exist
  • Complete independence and transparency – no alignment to specific suppliers
  • Expert strategic insight & thought leadership
    • Optimized Travel Management
      • TCG’s proprietary service offering and process to provide flexible program management
      • Rationalizes and optimizes supplier roles and interfaces
      • Employs best-in-class suppliers in bundled or unbundled environments
      • Accommodates new technologies and open booking approaches
      • Provides seamless travel, meetings, payment and expense integration
      • Provides complete data integration and analytics for fact-based decisions
      • Gold-standard management of travel, meetings, payment and expense programs scaled for any size organization

Implementation Management

  • Implementation of key corporate travel, meetings, payment and expense programs
  • Implementation of strategic sourcing initiatives
  • Transition and change management oversight
  • Oversight and integration with operational travel agency service providers & other suppliers
  • Alignment with client travel policy, security and risk management programs, user experience guidelines, reporting functions
  • Objective, independent support and expertise
  • Single point of contact for client

Project Management

  • Professional project management resources and oversight
  • Coordination and management of specific engagement deliverables
  • Oversight and integration across corporate travel, meetings, payment and expense management
  • Change management, communications, audits and controls
  • Coordination across supplier delivery models
  • Resources available locally, regionally and globally to ensure alignment with market cultures and customs, protocols, technology and all other components of a world class platform.

Process Reengineering

  • Corporate travel, meetings, payment and expense programs
  • Document work processes
  • Optimize organizational design
  • Reengineer work process to allow for more efficient and effective management of programs by internal client staff


  • Implementation Management
  • Project Management
  • Process Reengineering
  • Outsourced Program Management

Cross-Industry Representative Sample of TCG Global Management Practice Clients

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Case Studies

TCG Outsourced Travel Program Management – #779

The client engaged TCG Consulting’s industry, process, and program management expertise to manage their entire Asia Pacific Region travel program for a fixed period. Please complete the form below, and we will send you an email containing instructions to access the full case study.

TCG Outsourced Program Management – #694E

The client engaged TCG Consulting’s industry, process, and programme management expertise to serve as their global outsourced travel manager to drive cost savings, improve operational efficiency & policy compliance, and enhance user experience. Please complete the form below, and we will send you an email containing instructions to access the full case study.

Darcy Taylor
Director, Management Services

R. Raymond Pezzuti
Former Director, Global Business Services
Blackrock Asset Management

“Blackrock was faced with multiple issues when we engaged TCG. We were experiencing an increasing travel spend due to strong organizational growth, we needed to consolidate multiple recent mergers & acquisitions, and our travel policies and processes lacked discipline. We did not have the resources or knowledge to support or execute this much needed strategic imperative to create a structured travel management program in order to contain our costs and improve our process management.

TCG came highly recommended to us. Their depth and breadth of experience across global regions and diverse industries was the perfect fit for our need. They immediately dug in to collect and analyze the right data and then used a thorough, methodical approach to put the many pieces together. TCG turned our complicated, abstract problem into a specific approach, path, and vision in order to deliver the needed benefits, reporting, savings, and ROI. Their professionalism, even keel attitude, and ability to break down complex concepts, analytics, and processes to then develop simplified solutions helped create fast consensus among Blackrock’s leadership- a critical step in the process.

TCG’s tailored approach and attention to detail based on our specific structure and issues was a refreshing change from other consultants trying to tell us what they thought we wanted to hear and then delivering fluffy, high level generalities with little real value.

If you want or need to create a world class global travel strategy plus develop an effective and efficient operational program, you will not make a mistake by engaging TCG. They were a significant asset and driving force in getting us to where we needed to be. The fact that they were always available for us, were fun to work with, and have the respect of Travel Agencies and other vendors just added to our respect for their organization and capabilities.”


Meeting (or Beating) Corporate Financial Goals by Outsourcing Travel Management

A common misconception is that outsourcing is a threat to a travel manager’s job security. The reality is quite the opposite, outsourcing can make you a hero to your internal management team as you present the savings the outsource solution has helped you realize. Please complete the form below, and we will send you an […]