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New dynamics and forces are compelling companies to fundamentally rethink corporate travel. The confluence of these dynamics has made it clear that ‘old ways of thinking’ about how to procure, manage & deliver travel services no longer work.

TCG’s Global Strategy Practice helps companies achieve operational, service and financial excellence by analyzing and approaching their business travel spend from an integrated approach. This integrated framework enables companies to go beyond merely garnering cost savings by smartly identifying and implementing best practices from an ‘end-to-end’ basis.  We do not offer ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions; our approach and recommendations are highly customized and tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

TCG’s Global Strategy Practice Value for Clients:

TCG offers several value-driven solutions that help corporations achieve world-class performance; chief among them are:

  • Program Assessment can be used in any or all aspects of the corporate travel management value chain, and can serve as the foundation for short-term program improvement and initiative prioritization.
  • Global Service Strategy helps clients delineate the appropriate traveler service strategy for their travel program, how best to operationalize & implement the strategy globally, as well as the technology platform best suited to support the strategy.
  • Operational Process Performance Improvement (OPPI) is an operational audit that assists clients in gauging, improving and scaling the effectiveness of their existing administrative processes within their travel operations by identifying and building on high-value-added activities and processes, while reducing / eliminating operational complexity, value destroyers and overhead costs.
  • Organizational Design helps companies determine the best organizational model for their corporate travel function. We do this by aligning corporate travel to the company’s culture, business objectives and strategies while removing organizational complexity and ensuring that all organizational roles are ‘fit for purpose’ (confirm that organizationally, travel is “doing the right things” and “doing things right”).

We gauge our success in terms of the value we deliver to our clients:

  • Enable our clients to successfully deal with corporate travel management strategic challenges or exploit opportunities through innovation
  • Align travel service delivery with strategy and organization
  • Pinpoint opportunities to drive-out travel costs across the corporate travel value chain
  • Identify ways to optimize corporate travel organizational design and operational configuration and workflow
  • Leverage our Best Practices database to assess and evaluate our client’s current performance relative to other firms at a quantitative level, from an outside-in perspective
  • Ensure our clients effectively allocate travel resources, assets and technologies to drive performance and meet key stakeholder expectations
  • Enhance traveler experience and benefits
  • Drive improved program management & oversight by enhancing spend and policy compliance visibility
  • Integration of payment & expense data – back end data driving front end strategy and decisioning
  • Identify ways to reconcile needed short-term tactical travel management moves with the long-term company strategic goals
  • Global Service Strategy
  • Operational Process Performance Improvement (OPPI)
  • Organizational Design
  • Program Assessment
  • T & E Policy
  • Data Aggregation
  • Supplier Management
  • Payment & Expense
  • Post Merger Integration & Post Divestiture Development Strategies
  • Corporate Travel
  • Global Consolidation Strategies

Cross-Industry Representative Sample of TCG Global Strategy Practice Clients


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Case Studies

Travel Program Strategy, Assessment, Benchmarking – Case Study #833E

A global scientific research leader achieves €5.6M in total savings via a savings, efficiency, consolidation, and process improvement plan developed as part of TCG’s assessment and benchmarking results. Please complete the form below for instructions on how to access the full case study.

TCG Travel Strategy Development – #877

The client engaged TCG to review its existing global travel strategy and to provide extensive peer group benchmarking. The purpose was to provide recommendations for the company’s five year strategic plan as compared to best in class peer firms plus innovative global leaders regardless of industry. Assessment & benchmarking results were then used to develop savings, efficiency, enhanced service […]

TCG Travel Assessment & Strategy Development – #595

The client engaged TCG Consulting to perform a thorough assessment of their current program and leverage results to then develop a comprehensive strategy including global agency consolidation recommendation. Please complete the form below, and we will send you an email containing instructions to access the full case study.


Director Corporate Services & Global Travel
Global manufacturing leader across industrial, commercial and consumer markets Five business segments; $20B+ USD revenue; presence in more than 150 countries; 130,000+ employees worldwide.

“We had a vision, TCG made it a reality.

When we began, our travel program had no integrated strategy, fragmented data & agency relationships, and a de-centralized uncoordinated model. We had no idea of the steps we had to take. We sought out TCG due to their experience, knowledge, and unique ability to articulate innovative ideas and then deliver and manage specific plans to achieve the vision.

As a direct result of their guidance and support, we have developed a consolidated global strategy and program that continues to evolve and improve, saving us millions in costs and process efficiencies over the years. One key metric is that we began this journey with forty five global agencies and now work with just two.

TCGs’ combination of technical and market expertise combined with their committed, hands-on and personable leadership across multiple disciplines is unmatched. We cannot imagine anyone else having anywhere close to this combination of skills that has served us so well.

No matter what we need, they deliver- quickly and efficiently- always above & beyond what we request. They are always there to assist, whether we are actively engaged on a project or not. TCG always make us feel as though we are their only client. You just don’t get that with the Agencies, their consulting arms, or the “big box” firms.

Another testament to their ethics, professionalism, and collaborative focus is that the Travel Agencies they have worked with on our behalf all hold TCG in high regard. For those of us who come from the agency side of the business, that is impressive.”


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