Transforming Corporate Travel, Meetings, Payment & Expense Management

We are the global leader for strategic advisory and management services, driving organizational transformation, integration and optimization of global Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense (TMPE).



We have over
$26 Billion in client TCO spend under management.


Our teams deliver results to 27 of the BTN largest buyers of corporate travel.


We have worked in over 164 countries on 6 continents across all major verticals.


Our consultants have led over 1550 successful global engagements in our 25 year history.


We have over
$26 Billion in client TCO spend-under-management.


Our teams deliver results to 27 of the BTN largest buyers of corporate travel.


We have worked in over 164 countries on 6 continents across all major verticals.


Our consultants have led over 1400 successful global engagements in our 25 year history.

Our TCG Consulting Services

TCG Advisory

Programs of all dimensions with varying degrees of program life cycles trust TCG as their true adviser. Our team provides market intelligence—as well as insights into best practices, peer performance, and key benchmarks.


TCG Management

As a leader for travel and card program oversight across the globe, TCG offers flexible and adaptive program management solutions for corporations looking for full BPO providers or gap solutions within their programs.


TCG Payment

We implement a best-in-class program with end-to-end card and payment management services, consolidating your company data, sharing insight with accounting and other leaders, and handling all stakeholder issues while driving broader spend under management.



Learn How TCG Consulting Provided a TCO-TMPE®Transformation Funded by Global Card Management BPO


Expanding Spend Under Management

At TCG Consulting, we understand that card solutions and spend can play a strategic role throughout an integrated workflow. From a procurement card to a traditional T&E card, we can help you realize the sustainable potential of a true payment solution that funds new initiatives, improves your employee benefits offering, and increases spend under management. 

Solving for Program Maturity

Is your Travel Program Mature or on the Road to Maturity?

When starting out, travel programs design goals and build a plan for achieving each objective. After several years, these objectives are attained, and the program may go stale. What happens when all of your objectives are successfully achieved?

If you’ve reached your goal, perhaps you’ve begun thinking “What do I do now that my company is mature?” It’s time to start building an intelligent program. Avoid waking up and realizing that your program has reached maturity, and it’s too late. You should be considering a TCO-TMPE® (Total Cost of Ownership for Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense) solution as part of your roadmap for addressing what to do beyond program maturity.


of managed corporate programs are "mature".

How many of these indicators are true for your program?

  • Diminishing Returns
  • Stagnant Supplier Programs
  • Programs Lack Innovation
  • Change Management Complete
  • Travel Agencies Consolidated
  • Cost Increase with No Value
  • Loyal Program Users
  • Program is Reactive or Tactical

If you have a significant number of ☑, your program is likely “Mature” and would benefit from a new course to take advantage of incremental and sustainable savings + NPS improvement.

Industries we serve

  • Private Equity
  • Construction
  • Banking & Financial
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharma / Health
  • Bio & Life Sciences
  • Professional Services / Legal
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • CPG
  • Hospitality
  • Oil / Gas / Energy/ Field Services
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Entertainment / Media
  • Higher Ed
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Not For Profit
  • Government


Traditional agency centric approach, with limited impact and new opportunities.


True T&E Management for all reimbursements


Integrated and optimized solution to program maturity

Are you ready to optimize your travel, meetings, payment or expense program?

TCG Consulting is ready to help with global training, change management, processes, compliance, technology support and much more.


Thought Leadership

We analyze the industry regularly and bring you reports to help you grow your own firm. Learn from our industry experts and team leaders.