As part of our ‘3 Methods in 3 Months’  addressing Program Maturity and growing Spend Under Management series, we’re sharing these industry trends driving streamlined spending and increased user acceptance.

1. Increased Data Aggregation

We will see an increased demand for use of data management aggregators such as Traxo, Tripbam, Yapta, and others to aggregate all travel and expense spending from multiple sources.

2. B2B Payment Innovation

Incorporating single-use virtual cards delivered via B2B digital wallets is allowing for easier payment to suppliers.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Predictive Technology

Search and booking habits are becoming increasingly more predictable and advanced, while customized recommendations are now a possibility for travel companies.

4. Shifting Immigration and Tax Policies

Companies will continue to adapt to complex work visa and cross-border tax rules to ensure compliance and limit financial risk and liability.

5. Fraud Management Focus

There will be an increased focus on finding the right mix of intelligent fraud detection while giving travelers a seamless experience.


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