Great Expectations – Buyers manage traveler choices

Reposted from Business Traveler Executive

Our founder and president, Albert Taras, was quoted in Business Traveler Executive today, saying”Today’s business travelers are relying more on technology and social media forums to find quick answers and solutions…Therefore, quick response, easy workflow and simplification are absolute musts for companies that want to encourage travelers to “buy-in” to the corporate program.”

According to Business Traveler Executive, “Changes in business travel are occurring at light speed, and not just in one or two aspects, but seemingly across the board, from security and duty of care concerns to policies and technologies, like NDC, booking tools, travel apps and beyond. Much of it is designed to enhance the users’ acceptance and their experience. But the speed of traveler expectations is changing so fast, it’s taking the whole industry by surprise.”

At TCG, we agree with this sentiment, and we take it a step further as we address the problem of maturity in corporate travel programs. A major element of program maturity is realizing that gaining the traveler and the stakeholders’ buy-in and acceptance of new technology is key to enabling the next step of program evolution. Imagine a traveler who’s able to know where his peers are staying in the same city. With the right technology, he may even where they ate and connect with them over dinner, all while adhering to the company policies, meal allowances and security procedures. Everybody wins. That’s why technology adoption is critical to an optimized program and at TCG Consulting, we help our clients gain user acceptance globally.