With more than 90% of corporate leaders and organizations prioritizing digitalization, technology and streamlined processes; change management leaders and facilitators must be prepared to play a leading role in enabling this transformation. 

Emulating strategy found within chess, successful change management requires the repositioning of attitude and planned outcomes. Below is an overview of the top 3 leading trends navigating the future of change management within organizations.

#1: Digitization & Technology

The impacts of digitalization and technology are vast. Organizations are investing in digital resources to improve their internal structure and encourage collaboration amongst their employees. Investing in digital workspaces means (but is not limited to) :

  • Investing in digital adoption platforms (DAPs)
  • Leading digital transformation initiatives and adoption strategies
  • Creating a digital/tech focused culture

#2: Real-time Data is crucial

TCG helps organizations understand their internal behavioral structure and how that can impact their bottom line. We help organizations analyze patterns, avoid risk factors, and create content that maximizes user adoption. The biggest determining fact between success and failure is dependent on how organizations leverage data to be proactive rather than reactive.

#3: Organizational Engagement & Collaboration

People’s attention span has reduced dramatically due to the internet, social media platforms, and other technological advances that make obtaining a significant amount of information fast and easy. As a result, this response transpires in the workplace with many organizations struggling to keep their employees engaged.

TCG provides employee engagement strategies and social tools that foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation. This not only increases visibility between employees and management, but also provides a level of trust between them. Furthermore, TCG can introduce a framework where different stakeholder groups are introduced to the changes (or phases within the changes) in different stages of the project. This avoids the burden of accommodating too many opinions and cultivates a new organizational relationship that ensures everyone who will be impacted by the change is able to participate in the strategy process.

With TCG’s Change Management Methodology (DISEC+) your organization will have smoother transitions, improved project management, more visibility and insight into internal behaviors, data leverage and maximized user adoption.

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