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Learn how TCG Consulting built an outsourced travel management program for a global professional services company that provides integrated strategies for technological, environmental and engineering companies.

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Delivering Results

Set the Bar High with Our Global Program Management Services

At TCG Consulting, we understand the challenge of managing your travel agency, supplier content, contracts, workflow, and more. And our travel management services are designed to centralize this oversight.

Whether we become your outsourced travel manager or co-manage with internal leaders, we can drive your travel program…so it delivers its intended results.

Program Management Areas

A fragmented travel program makes improving performance difficult. Whether your company has a dedicated travel manager with or without supporting specialized members, or our team steps in to manage or co-manage this vertical, we will help you optimize your travel program.


Over $8B in client spend across broader bench-marking with tenured senior team with in-depth knowledge & global market experience delivering superior results for all programs of all sizes and types. Using proprietary  and industry leading SAM™ platform.



Over $4B in client spend, 2000 direct client agreements, In-depth knowledge & global market experience delivering superior results for client programs of all sizes and global dimensions.



Comprehensive experience and benchmark of standalone or integrated Meetings solution including integration of TCO-TMPE®.



Sourced over 140 direct client contracts, broader bench-marking with tenured senior team with in-depth knowledge & global market experience delivering superior results for all programs of all sizes and types. 


Global Travel Management Program

Deep domain expertise with global resource  provisioning in areas of program strategy delivery, agency operations and resource requirements. 


Program design and delivery

Developing, configuring and enabling an optimal corporate travel program is a highly complex process which requires significant time, effort and expertise. Whether for a limited scope domestic program or a global program spanning over 100 countries, multiple agencies, and technology platforms, TCG’s Global Travel Program Design and Integration Practice can help create and implement an optimal strategy that manages costs, improves user experience, and delivers an effective support configuration.

The TCG team has successfully managed and delivered over 200 program design, development and sourcing events (agency, technology, etc.) for domestic, multinational, and global corporate travel programs.


Our Program Management Services Include:

OBT & Workflow Integration

Establish and configure your online booking tool (OBT) with your broader workflow, and train your employees in its proper usage. TCG Consulting can help your team understand the booking process—so you reduce the hidden costs of user bypass.


Improve employee compliance to your travel program policies. The reality is…there are gaps between financial data from your OBT and what’s being reimbursed from the general ledger. Let us help you manage spend bypass and make sure reimbursement doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Organizationally Tailored Reporting

Gain regular reports that align with your organizational structure. Whether you need business-unit quarterly reviews or monthly snapshots, TCG Consulting can provide insights on all aspects of travel management and the overall program performance.

Operation Delivery Management

Standardize your internal processes and procedures. In addition to providing an operational program design, we can conduct oversight of the team members responsible for delivery. Our goal for your organization is simplified, scalable operations…that are effective across borders.

Security Support

Protect travelers to high-risk destinations, and mitigate your organizational risk. TCG Consulting can integrate booking data with security technology to enable tracking, rental car information, and more. We can also push security notifications to travelers for risk-laden events in their geographic areas.

Supplier Management

In addition to overseeing travel agencies, TCG Consulting also manages suppliers. From car rental companies to traveler tracking software, we can monitor vendors for the fulfillment of service level agreements (SLAs) and achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs).

TCG Advisory Services

Companies of all dimensions with varying degrees of program life cycles trust our consultants as their true advisors. Our team provides market intelligence—as well as insights into best practices, peer performance, and key benchmarks.


Design and deploy new programs through global training, change management and technology support.


Program Management

Whether we become your outsourced travel manager or co-manage with an internal leader, we can monitor your travel program…so it reflects your standards of excellence.


Expense Services

We service your procurement needs by offering end-to-end management of both travel and non-travel expenses.


Many Travel Management Activities.
One Trusted Advisor.

Our travel management services can centralize supervision for your program. Learn more about our oversight for travel agencies and suppliers...