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TCG Consulting helps global companies create a consistent workflow across growing international footprints, integrating travel and expense.


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We create expense programs that provide transparency and efficiency in the often complex expense management world.

Managing expense reporting is often a challenge, even at large corporations. From tax implications, to employees complaining about confusing or complicated expense reporting and delays on reimbursements, we know that travel, meetings, payment and expense management is a chore. Even a well organized team may end up finding themselves accidentally charging supplies to the wrong budget, losing receipts, or finding unknown expenses that muddy your bottom line.

Overview Global Payment & Expense Management Practice

At TCG Consulting, we bring clarity, organization and strategy to your expense program. After assessing your programs and building a strategy for implementing better platforms and supporting your reimbursement and reconciliation programs. We help determine the resources you have or we can provide our own team to help you run the program or fill in the gaps. Our administration support can maintain everything from audit policy, per diem allowances and ancillary fees run smoothly without additional staff or education needed within your organization.


Improve your net operating income when you reduce inefficient management of travel and meeting expenses. From invoicing, budgeting, and other expense-related activities, we lay a baseline for your processes, create a gap analysis, determine your needed suppliers, and plan out your technology needs. 


Simplify your expense management across all your travel and payment programs. Our travel agency and supplier experience spans 163 markets, and our consultants help companies across the globe identify opportunities to cut expense management costs. Rely on TCG Consulting to streamline your workflows and reduce hidden expenditures. 


Once we have built our your strategic expense management plan, we help your team implement expense technology and tools across your organization, whether locally or globally. As we help you implement tools and build programs to expand volume and spend leverage, we help your users not only engage with but enjoy the payment programs, technology and data capturing initiatives in your company. 


After helping your company deploy your expense software and tools across your organization, we service your teams by retraining employees on the new software, updating job descriptions, ensuring resources are available, and managing your program on-going.  

Planning & Discovery

  • Requirements gathering and discovery
  • Workflow and approval
  • Strategy & Timeline
  • Governance and RACI Management
  • Change Management Process
  • Communications

Design & Configuration

  • Program Design
  • Testing
  • Program Configuration
  • Payment and reconciliation configuration
  • Configuration
  • Policy and business rule
  • SME around data imports and exports
  • Recommendations and advice for configuration

Integration & Rollout

  • Integration (the inflow and outflow of data)
  • Change Management
  • Training (Materials and Training)
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Project management
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Reconciliation
  • Reimbursement

Concur Certification

Our Certified Implementation Partner (CIP) accredited team works with Concur, and other TMPE suppliers, to design, implement and integrate end-to-end programs.

Enabling TCO-TMPE®

Our qualified, tenured expense management consultants lead client focused engagements that capture the difficult conversations with your stakeholders to understand the requirements and translate this information into a powerful configurations which become an enabler of TCO-TMPE®. Our patented process and insight will take your program to the next level.  

Capturing Program TCO

At TCG Consulting, we wrote the methodology behind TCO-TMPE® (Total Cost of Ownership for Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense).

Thought Leadership

We analyze the industry regularly and bring you reports to help you grow your own firm. Learn from our industry experts and team leaders. 

TCG Management Services

With direct supplier, reporting, technology and program SLA experience, we ensure that your company’s strategy and imperatives are achieved.


Design and deploy new programs through global training, change management and technology support.


Program Management

Whether we become your outsourced travel manager or co-manage with an internal leader, we can monitor your travel program…so it reflects your standards of excellence.


Expense Services

We service your procurement needs by offering end-to-end management of both travel and non-travel expenses.


Looking to improve your expense management strategy for your company?