A Letter from Albert Taras, Founder & President – Continuing TCG’s Vision

Our journey started over 26 years ago. It has certainly seen both challenges and many triumphs. In 1994, I wanted to establish a unique organization that identified the very best resources and nurtured our talent, that delivered on the promises we make during each client engagement, and that truly embodies our “Who We Are” culture that thrives today.

It is appropriate that I begin thanking the entire TCG team for their commitment, dedication, and diligence in helping me and TCG to grow. I firmly believe our people remain our strongest competitive differentiator. I am amazed by their talents and loyalty.

I would also like to recognize our clients and partners, without whom, we would be but a name on a door. TCG has had, and continues to have, the privilege of working and growing together with each of you. Please accept my sincere appreciation for your support and business throughout the years.

One thing is for sure, I’ve learned a thing or two about change in my 26 years at TCG – from a small boutique firm that I started in Miami to the proud group that now represents TCG across the globe. Along the way, we’ve made acquisitions, established new offices in key centers around the world, and have added new services as the dynamics of our industry constantly change. In 2015, we introduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a fundamental new platform to managing corporate travel & expense (T&E). We achieved a significant milestone with this progression when TCG was awarded a patent for TCO-TMPE® in 2018. This approach was further enhanced in 2020 through our Broad S-U-M (Spend Under Management) platform, which allows for the full optimization of T-M-P-E (Travel – Meetings – Payment – Expense). This innovative and client-centric platform solves travel program maturity and stagnation. Inevitably, it allows us to continue to establish TCG as the advisory and management services leader of choice with a vision that propels our clients and their programs forward.

I’m honored and proud to announce my transitioning on May 31, 2021 and to announce the new President of TCG, Graham Ruskin, effective June 1, 2021.

I will remain with TCG as an active Executive Advisor, which I have been planning for myself and the company for a number of years. Since joining TCG in 2013, Graham has achieved the highest trust and support of our clients, partners, and associates; meeting each challenge with integrity, results, and delivering on our “Who We Are” pledge. Graham has worked closely with me and was instrumental in the development of our company five-year (Hermes) plan. I expect that he and our tenured leadership team will continue to move the industry far beyond that plan. Furthermore, I am pleased to confirm that my senior leadership team has wholeheartedly endorsed Graham’s new role. Moving forward, I have full confidence in TCG and our ability to continue to deliver on the promises we make; just as we did in 1994.

We have so much more to do – I look forward to still being a part of that. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Graham as he now leads TCG’s journey into the future.


Albert Taras, President
TCG Consulting