Implementation Services

TCG Consulting leads the way with strategic change, project management and implementation services.


Deploy or Refresh new programs through global training, change management and implementation support.

When it comes to implementation, TCG Consulting leads the way with strategic change and project management, employee training, cross-cultural tutorials and communication delivering a track record of best in class travel, meetings, payment and expense program.

Holistic Implementation with TCO-TMPE®

So, you’ve chosen your travel agency, picked out the right suppliers, and you’re ready to get started implementing your new programs. Now what?

At TCG Consulting, we’ve learned all the details for you, and provide training, change management support, and required policies and processes to ensure that every air, travel, hotel, expense, ground and meetings detail is accounted for. If you truly want to manage your total spend, we are here to help you think about the Total Cost of Ownership with our proprietary TCO-TMPE® (Total Cost of Ownership for Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense) approach, allowing for a holistic and efficient program.

Capturing Program TCO

At TCG Consulting, we wrote the methodology behind TCO-TMPE® (Total Cost of Ownership for Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense).

Implementation Areas

We help implement new travel, meetings, payment and expense programs through global training, change management, processes and technology support.


Go beyond finding the right travel agency and online booking tool by implementing broad global initiatives that transform your program from an agency-centric model to a company-centric one, putting you in the driver’s seat.

We work to align your tools globally, and reinvigorate your program with online mobile apps, global travel portals, content aggregators and consolidated data. From air and ground to hotels and lodging, we set up, source, implement, and manage your suppliers and build reporting systems that shed a light on your entire program.



Don’t neglect meetings when it comes to your program strategy. TCG Consulting’s strategy services will highlight hidden savings in the operational activities required for in-person communications.

Once your program as been assessed, we will create a Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP) plan, and develop and align your meeting registration, approval process, sourcing and contracting, planning and execution, payment and expense reconciliation, data analysis and reporting and technology solutions.



Discover how your team can enjoy an efficient, compliant, and user-friendly broad reaching payment program. Our strategy services give you the advantage of our expertise in payment platforms and solutions.

From increasing your financial incentives and rebates, to building programs to expand volume and spend leverage. By strategically optimizing your payment program, your working capital will increase, and your insight into point of sale will provide valuable data and analytics to the executive team.



Improve your net operating income when you reduce inefficient management of travel and meeting expenses.

Our strategic advisers are careful to include invoicing, budgeting, and other expense-related activities when crafting your plan.  We lay a baseline for your processes, create a gap analysis, determine your needed suppliers, and plan out your technology and organizational support needs.


Change Management Services

How does rollout happen? First, we provide a better understanding of the various global markets you will be rolling your new programs out to, and give you insights with our years of benchmarking data. We’ll flag countries with unique tax returns regulations, write training materials for local nuances in certain areas of the world, and develop policies that cross language and cultural barriers.

Intelligent Program Implementation

Often, corporations struggle with aggregating data from travelers around the world and using it to their advantage. With TCG Consulting by your side to manage implementation, you will find your company working smarter, faster and more transparently throughout your travel, meetings, payment and expense programs.

We provide end-to-end solutions for implementation, including:

  • Data Analysis
  • Employee Training
  • Expense Input Education
  • Travel Reporting
  • Agency Environment Setup
  • Expense Software Setup
  • ERP to Global Standard Feeds
  • And Much More

Thought Leadership

We analyze the industry regularly and bring you reports to help you grow your own firm. Learn from our industry experts and team leaders. 

TCG Advisory Services

Companies of all dimensions with varying degrees of program life cycles trust TCG as their true advisor. Our team provides market intelligence—as well as insights into best practices, peer performance, and key benchmarks.


Design and deploy new programs through global training, change management and technology support.


Program Management

Whether we become your outsourced travel manager or co-manage with an internal leader, we can monitor your travel program…so it reflects your standards of excellence.


Expense Services

We service your procurement needs by offering end-to-end management of both travel and non-travel expenses.


Are you ready to implement a new travel, meetings, payment or expense program?

TCG Consulting is ready to help with global training, change management, processes, compliance, technology support and much more.