September 1st is a special day for all of us at TCG – our 26th Business Anniversary!

This is a testament to our belief in the long term.  We are mindful that our decisions and actions will always be more than focusing on today.  During this crisis, our resolve is being tested unlike ever before.  I am proud to say that we are passing this latest test with flying colors.  The travel industry has made it through many events  – some transformational and others pure survival. 2020 will be remembered for both.  The current landscape requires that we remain forward-thinking and seize the opportunity to reimagine.

While guiding our clients through this crisis,  we have collectively learned that simply “restarting” travel is not a real option. Mitigating traveler and business risk requires that a company develop and implement a comprehensive continuity plan. Program bypass, that was either historically accepted or chased after the fact, must now be managed and brought into the managed program.  No exceptions.  A broad user accepted program must replace the outdated compliance built legacy models.

TCG is using this time to transform our business to meet the new realities that our clients are facing, including those yet unknown. 

The past five months have accelerated ideas that were once only on a whiteboard.  We are bringing new innovations like “Spend-Under-Management” (S-U-M) and platforms that enable an end-to-end workflow that integrates Travel – Meetings – Payment & Expense (TMPE).   These innovations are designed to build desired user participation leveraging multiple cross-functional stakeholders who are now vested in managing TMPE.

For our clients that have already adopted a TCO-TMPE® platform, which addresses the realities associated with a mature program, are realizing the beneficial impact and new and sustainable returns on investment, even as traditional spend levers and savings have diminished or are now non-existent.

I am proud to acknowledge our team and thank our clients and partners who have helped us to realize this significant milestone.  We pause to celebrate – something easily lost as we face the challenges of an uncertain world – to reaffirm our determination that ensures that September 1st remains on our calendar for many years to come.

Albert Taras, President
TCG Consulting