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Learn how a global chemical company with an evolving travel and card program engaged with TCG Consulting to optimize and manage their card program.

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End-to-End Card Management Services

From T&E cards,V-Cards, Meetings and other company payments, to procurement cards, we offer insight & resources and policies to manage your card program.

Advance beyond basic card administration. Our end-to-end card management includes everything from handing applications to resetting passwords…and every administrative function in between.

Beyond those “core functions”, we understand that card solutions and spend play a strategic role throughout a travel workflow. From a procurement card to a traditional T&E card, we can help you realize the broader potential of a true payment solution that funds new initiatives, improves your employee benefits offering, and govern spend under management.

Administration VS. Management

Tactical programs don’t think strategically. They don’t help you grow and improve. At TCG, we are different. We move far beyond basic administration. With our card management experts, you’re hiring a strategic partner to help it grow and thrive.  



  • Basic cardholder training (policies, system, card usage)
  • Maintenance and processing
  • Standard reporting based on limited data
  • Account reconciliation
  • Card spend monitoring for compliance
  • General day-to-day program support


  • Can be “bundled in” with no evaluation or scope discussion
  • Incomplete roles & responsibilities if managed internally
  • Additional staff often need to “lend a hand” (i.e. AP, HR)
  • Missing local/regional expertise for consistent global delivery
  • Limited access to benchmarks and best practices
  • Partial integration with front-end travel and back-end expense



  • Seamless transition from implementation to management
  • Customized training across all products
  • Best practices for onboarding, training and testing
  • Proactive recommendations for policies and processes
  • Comprehensive program maintenance
  • “Hands on” fraud and risk monitoring/reporting
  • Customized and integrated reporting
  • Alignment with company business requirements
  • Integration with travel, meetings & expense


  • Leverage best practices from peer organizations
  • Leverages best practices from world class programs
  • Integrated reporting solutions from multiple sources
  • Increase card spend and optimize speed of pay
  • Leverage product mix and increase revenue sharing opps
  • Ability to scale card management services (up / down)

Card Management Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 

Let TCG Consulting become your card solution manager. When you outsource your card management to us, we’ll provide the resources you need for effective business processes. Whether we’re answering stakeholders and users or conducting research, we’re here to be problem-solvers for your payment program. 


Benchmark your company by industry peers; reduce credit losses; avoid collections; and increase your rebates. With TCG Consulting, you’ll gain a best-in-class run corporate card program for your organization.  

Maximize Savings

We help you maximize savings, efficiency and controls. A managed card program gives visibility over expenses, spending insight and increased efficiency. Institute preventive controls, monitor spending and increase efficiency through management by exception. 

Global Management

  • Card program activities
  • Card issuance and closure
  • User setup and maintenance
  • Issue resolution
  • Spending and transaction limits
  • Accounting activities
  • Intranet support for card holders
  • Global policies and procedures
  • Reporting and trend analytics

Monitoring Services

  • Internal control compliance
  • Dining program activities
  • Monthly statement processing
  • Security issues
  • Employee changes and terminations
  • Accrual verification and reconciliation
  • Company compliance
  • Central-billed and ePayable
  • Cendor reconciliation of VCA accounts

Education & Support

  • Support emerging technology
  • Program changes and enhancement
  • Training program development
  • Employee support for proper use
  • Procedure and policy change education
  • Contract negotiations with Treasury
  • Investigation and resolution of issues
  • Exception and compliance reporting
  • Tracking and resolution of policy violations

We have broad card type experience

Ready to improve controls, improve efficiency of the amount of your spend under management? Let TCG Consulting help you find the right solutions to accomplish these objectives.

Travel and Expense Reconciliation

If you have a card that’s dedicated to travel purchases or certain program expenses, rely on TCG Consulting to reconcile T&E card transactions.   

Meeting Cards 

Travel isn’t our only area of expertise. We can also handle the tactical details of managing your meeting card—from “soup to nuts”.    

Virtual Cards

Not every card is a plastic one. TCG Consulting provides support for electronic single-use cards or payments that are built into the app purchase process.  

Procurement Cards

Our consulting oversight isn’t limited to solutions for travel or meetings. We can also manage procurement cards used for purchasing supplies, securing temporary services, and more. 

Gain Detailed Management

Work with a team that brings excellence to a granular and detailed level. At TCG Consulting, we’re adept at rolling up our sleeves to find hidden problems, drive efficiencies, higher rebates and ways to improve back office processes. 

Our team can identify possibly fraudulent activities and duplicate payments. We hunt down errors and pinpoint duplicate charges to help reconcile individual statements for your card program.

Extensive Provider Experience

Our extensive experience includes over 300 client engagements dealing with market providers over several decades. We bring this expertise from our knowledge of these different card providers to make sure you make the best decision for your payment solution.  

Are you ready to talk about an end-to-end card management program?

From T&E, P-Cards, Meetings & V-cards, we offer tools, benchmarking, policies and resources, to manage your card program.