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Learn how TCG Consulting helped a multinational professional services company needing a Payment System Program receive Best-in-Class recommendations & observations.

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Payment Expansion Services

Organizations can go beyond the traditional T&E spend currently captured by approved corporate cards – increasing spend under management and improving program performance.  

Grow Your Program

Take advantage of rebate opportunities for your organization by expanding your “cardable” spend. From introducing central travel accounts (BTAs) to increase card adoption and implementing payment mechanisms, we understand how to create a return on your spend. We’ll also support healthy growth by establishing quality checks and audits. 

Benchmark Your Program

Benchmark your program by industry peers to ensure that you program is competitively configured and pricedWe help you reduce credit lossses, maximize program utilization and leverage global spend, and negotiating a best in class supplier agreement


We leverage a wealth of proprietary global benchmark data to determine the payment solutions and suppliers that perfectly align to your organizational strategic imperatives. Whether you’re looking for significant savings in your travel spending or improve your NPS, or need to address other indirect spend, our team will be there to guide you to the best payment program.

Uncover and control hidden total cost of ownership across your organization. 

Companies are also empowered to uncover—and control—hidden costs that lie outside the expense report and reduce margins. These costs can be embedded in disparate budgets across the organization and encompass…   

  • Organization design
  • Reconciliation process
  • Approvals and workflows
  • Agency and related fees
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier compliance
  • Technology
  • Treasury
  • Audit
  • Program management
  • Reimbursement
  • And more

Capturing Program TCO

At TCG Consulting, we wrote the methodology behind TCO-TMPE® (Total Cost of Ownership for Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense).

Broader spend under management is the solution.

At TCG, our clients have benefitted from adopting TCO-TMPE® to address program maturity, grow spend under management, while aligning to organizational strategic imperatives. 

TMPE provides better integration for Travel, Meetings, Payment and Expense across your programs. Innovative card programs have fundamentally reshaped the way people are making payments across the globe. Intelligently leverage, transforming or funding the transformation to TCO-TMPE® can be self-funded by exploring your true TCO. 

 When your organization relies on a TCO approach, your team can aim for best-in-class performance and begin to identify, capture, and leverage the true costs of managing travel. Cost reductions of up to 28% are being achieved by world-class leaders adopting an integrated TCO approach.  

We have broad payment experience

Ready to increase the amount of spend under management and gain new sources of funding? Let TCG Consulting help you find the right card to accomplish these objectives. Our experience includes…  

Travel and Expense Cards

If you have central travel accounts that are dedicated to travel purchases or certain program expenses, rely on TCG Consulting to reconcile T&E card transactions.   

Meeting Cards 

Our expertise goes beyond corporate travel. We can also handle the tactical details of managing your meeting card, including training, increasing employee engagement, reports, and more. 

Virtual Cards

Not every card is a plastic one. TCG Consulting provides support for electronic single-use cards or payments that are built into the mobile purchase process.  

Procurement Cards

We manage procurement cards used for purchasing supplies, securing temporary services, credit limit supports, denied transcations and more.

Ready to build a best-in-class payment program?