Card Management Case Study

Learn How TCG Supported a TCO-TMPE®Transformation Funded by Global Card Management BPO

Case Study Overview

© Copyright 2019, TCG Consulting Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. May not be copied or distributed without express permission of TCG Consulting. Our client was sold to a leading private equity and required a comprehensive assessment and roadmap to managing TMPE. Leveraging our understanding of this group’s requirements and the stringent new rules under private equity, TCG was selected to lead and manage a comprehensive TCO-TMPE® transformation. Over $18M in savings and an improved NPS score of 14% were realized in just 30 months. TCG remains engaged through a full BPO to include global travel program oversight, card management, expense technology deployment and meeting strategy. The 2019-2021 roadmap under the leadership of the global CPO, procurement and finance will help fully realize all identified TCO-TMPE® program opportunities.

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