Are you searching for new areas of strategic innovation to deliver high ROI?

How much of your organization’s T&E are you currently managing and optimizing?

World class organizations are realizing substantial benefits from fully integrating Travel, Meetings, Payment & Expense (TMPE) management. How do they do it?


Total Cost of Ownership For Travel, Meetings, Payment & Expense℠ Advisory and Management Services

TCG Consulting’s proprietary TCO-TMPE service captures, manages and optimizes all sources of organizational spending on travel, meetings, payment and expenses.

Traditional sourcing-based management approaches deliver diminishing returns. TCO-TMPE℠ transforms programs from tactical to strategic and aligns your program with broader organizational strategic imperatives. It delivers superior ROI through new sources of cost take out, improved spend visibility and oversight, optimized workflows and processes, and reduced risk. It can even create new revenue streams to self-fund initiatives.

The Traditional Approach Captures

Program Spend

TCO-TMPE℠ Captures

Program Spend

How do we get to 114%?

Based on our engagement results with leading organizations across the globe, you’re likely only capturing and effectively managing 59% of total program spend due to travelers bypassing contracted Air & Hotel rates, purchases outside policy, spend not executed via Card programs, etc. But even if you address all that, you’re only at 100%.

How do we get above 100%? We do so via the hidden savings a TCO baseline and management model will reveal, such as costs of program management and technology, rebate opportunities from driving higher spend through card, or linking front-end travel with back-end expense to reduce expense report submission time, reclaiming valuable hours for users.

Based on 17 proprietary TCO drivers & metrics (cost of workflow, cost of audit, and cost of treasury, for example), we’ve uncovered another 14% (on average) of unmanaged TMPE costs.

Everything managed by the agency(s)

Everything reimbursed on an expense report

Everything reimbursed on an expense report PLUS 17 TCO-TMPE℠ drivers & metrics

Optimize with TCO-TMPE℠

TCG Consulting’s proprietary approach captures, manages and optimizes all sources of program spend including areas not reimbursed on an expense report and residing on budgets in other areas of the organization. Leading organizations realize benefits including:

  • New sources of cost take out
  • Superior ROI vs. other initiatives
  • Alignment with organizational imperatives
  • Superior user acceptance
  • Enhanced reporting & oversight
  • Efficient workflow & process

TCO-TMPE℠ Results

TCO-TMPE℠ delivers superior results for organizations of all sizes.

Global Automotive Manufacturing Leader
$212M Annual T&E Spend

  • Evolving to a TCO baseline and approach identified $24.8M in savings
  • Reduced expense processing time by 44%
  • Identified $3.5M in Card program rebates to self-fund the initiative

North American Professional Services Leader
$28M Annual T&E Spend

  • Evolving to a TCO baseline and management model identified $3.9M in savings
  • Streamlined processes & workflows reduced associate expense processing time by 9,000 hours
  • Fully integrated Travel, Meetings, Payment & Expense systems and processes
  • Reduced bypass spend by 30%

To find out how TCO-TMPE℠ could transform your program, we invite you to contact Shiloh Hudson, who will coordinate a response from our team of global experts. Call Shiloh at +1 (336) 338-7455 or email him here: